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I have cultivated an intimate relationship with the Earth, Giver of Life.  As I walk on Her sacred ground, gazing at Her natural splendor, the wind touches my face. There is a silent calm. Like a child lounging on Grand Mother‘s lap, I experience Her embrace. I feel safe and loved. I am renewed. This is Home.

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Intentional Living

Sedona Vortex Experience

I once spoke to a Native American elder about the Sedona Vortex Experience. We had a lengthy conversation about what a vortex is and how to experience a vortex. Finally, I asked if there is any special vortex that he was drawn to. With a sheepish grin he looked deeply into my eyes.

“All of Sedona is Sacred,” he said. “As seekers come to this beautiful land of the Red Rocks, the Sacred Places call to them. If they are listening with an open heart, the path to, “ just the right place,” will be shown.”

Neo Shamanic Training

The influence of fear in our lives has created a misunderstanding about our relationship with our Creator and the myriad forms of life in the GREAT CIRCLE of LIFE, on this Grand Orb, Mother Earth. The imbalance caused by this misunderstanding has created great personal suffering and an eco-system at risk for this and future generations. For the Greater Good of humanity and our eco- system, a new paradigm for living is required. To meet this requirement, Curt Medicine Eagle has created a curriculum that empowers individuals from all walks of life to perceive, understand and actualize their relationship with Creator as Creator.

Neo-Shamanic training is designed to integrate aspects of mindfulness, western mysticism and indigenous practice into a practical whole life Science of Living. Students who participate in this course will be given the tools and skills to practice this Science of Living in their daily lives, resulting in a more positive, healthy, vibrant, resilient and abundant life experience. Life becomes less of a coin toss, with more predictable outcomes. Here’s how.

This course introduces you to your Divine Nature, the expression of Creator in you and all of your relations. The talents and responsibilities that come from the experience and awareness of your Divine Nature are embedded in this course. Actualizing the talents and responsibilities of your Divine Nature is your life’s purpose and the essence of this training.

About Curt Medicine Eagle

Curt Medicine Eagle is a special and gifted teacher, mentor and healer, serving individuals and families from all walks of life. He clearly demonstrates authority and leadership in religious mysteries and the science of living with in-depth wisdom of the liberation teachings from world traditions and indigenous practice. Some of the significant teachers in Medicine Eagle’s life include Jesus, Buddha, Carlos Castaneda and the Teachings of Don Juan, Charles Fillmore, co- founder of Unity Church, Ram Dass, Ted Andrews, author of Animal Speak, Paramahansa Yogananda, founder of Self Realization Fellowship, Eckhart Tolle, and Mark-Age, a New-age organization.

During Medicine Eagle’s nearly forty years of practice and teaching, he has become increasingly influenced by indigenous culture and values, specifically relating to understanding and actualizing human relationships with the elements and the kingdoms of life represented in the Medicine Wheel.

By the mid-nineties, he began integrating the Medicine Wheel journey into his daily practice. Medicine Eagle makes no claim of using any traditional tribal practice. Instead, he demonstrates that we all have indigenous roots and have all inherited this Grand Mother. The practice of Earth Medicine arises from a sacred bond between individuals and earth life. Access to our Grand Mother’s Medicine is personal and Universal.