I have never known a significant period in my life when I was not seeking the truth about life or sharing one of my many discoveries. In the beginning, I was a fundamental Christian. By my early twenties, a dear college friend impressed upon me the value of questioning the influences of my Christian roots. So I did. As I began to open my mind I could explore and experience a deeper meaning of Christian and Hebrew texts. I began to see my life and the meaning of life through a broader lens. The Genesis account of the beginnings of life, the Torah, the Prophets and the life of Jesus and the Christian texts took on a whole new meaning. I also submerged myself into studying other great traditions including Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, and Greek. I delved deeply into Shamanism and indigenous ceremony as well.

Through this early exploration of traditions and cultures I discovered, as many have, that Truth can be found as One Source externalizing through different cultures and societies throughout history. I discovered that Truth found a path through humble humans with a vigilant daily practice to share its magnificent grace, wisdom, power, and love. So I became obsessed with a daily meditation practice. I meditated by an altar in my home, on the rooftop of my apartment, on the go at work, at school, with my family and friends and in nature. Early on, with dedication and practice, I had a series of enlightening experiences. Did I say I was enlightened? Definitely not, no. But I discovered grace, wisdom, power, and love. More than enough to share.

Almost four decades later I sit here before a laptop sharing. It’s what I have been doing for decades. If you would like to experience some of the grace, wisdom, power, and love that I have found check out my offerings.

Click and Imagine that you are hearing the voice of Creation.

This is a voice that you can trust.